Macey Gard band writes and performs original music along with their own arrangements of favorite cover songs. Blending an eclectic mix of rock, pop, soul and attitude with tight vocals and lush harmonies, the group delivers a charismatic live performance with a contagious energy. 

There ain't no party like a Macey Gard party!

Tracey Graham

Lead Singer

Tracey Graham, the charismatic front woman for Macey Gard, has been entertaining her entire life.  Whether in church, school, or local competitions, was always performing any time or place she could.  At the age of 22, the first opportunity to front a band came when Tracey happened upon a local music managers ad for an open call audition.  Getting hired at that audition began her professional career in music, performing with local acts and on stages all across the Pacific Northwest.  It also led to a chance introduction with fellow band mate and best friend Mitch Ward, which eventually led to their formation together of Macey Gard, where they have been kicking ass and taking names ever since.

Mitch Ward

Guitar and vocals

A founding member of his most recent music group, the Macey Gard Band, Mitch has been performing music his entire life.  As a founding member of his former music trio Carlyle, a song the trio recorded was voted best song on a CD that won best Compilation Album of the year at the Portland Music Awards. As a songwriter, Mitch has written and recorded songs that include world-renowned saxophonist Renato Caranto, national fiddle champion Aarun Carter, and Macey Gard's own Tracey Graham on vocals.

Bets Pott

Bass and vocals

Bets spent many years fronting Dr.Bob, a wild rockin' power trio, playing bass and singing lead vocals.  After their drummer got busted and went to prison, Bets decided it was time for a change and moved to Portland, swearing off music for good. But that did not last. She partnered up with long time songwriting partner Harris Levon McRae to create Skyhouse music, a folk rock reggae hiphop outfit that calls their unique genre of original music "folk hop."

After years of success with Skyhouse, Harris and Bets decided to branch out separately, while continuing the Skyhouse vision, to pursue new musical opportunities.  After Skyhouse, Bets started an acoustic duo writing and playing original folk rock Americana music with Dave "Bongo" Elizondo.  After a successful run with their duo Twisted, a chance meeting with Tracey Graham and Mitch Ward led to an impromptu jam that was undeniably special.  This led Bets to her latest project playing with the Macey Gard band. The band plays unique acoustic versions of their favorite pop rock, dance and get-down funky dance tunes with stellar three and four part harmonies.  There ain't no party like a Macey Gard party!

Dany Oakes


Dany Oakes first picked up a guitar at age 14 after initially testing his performance skills by playing air guitar with his friends. " I started a band before any of us could really play", Dany states. "But, I was bitten by the music bug at that point and I haven't looked back since!" Dany, an accomplished guitar player and music teacher, already started teaching guitar at 15 before going on to major in music, studying classical guitar, jazz guitar, and composition.  Dany currently teaches guitar, bass and ukelele at Five Star Guitars, as well as seasonal projects with Camp Amp bands and has accomplished an extensive list of solo musical projects that spawned tours through Romania, Hungary, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.  "I've lived for music my entire life", says Oakes.  "I feel I've finally reached a point where it's all culminated to where I'm at now with the Macey Gard band.  The best is yet to come."

Jeff Black


Jeff Black, the newest member of Macey Gard Band, started playing drums at age 7.  He has been performing in bands of all styles since elementary school.  For almost 30 years, Jeff has played hundreds of gigs in and around Nashville as a member of the band Junkbox with Jim DeBlanc (studio engineer of Grammy Award winning team Beaird Music Group).  He has also played with jazz saxophonist Chris West, bassist Greg Bryant and country artist Lee Gibson just to name a few.  Jeff most recently moved to Portland in 2019 where at a chance meeting, sitting in with the Dan Hess Band, he got a chance to jam with Tracey and Bets for a couple of songs.  Jeff was soon asked to become the newest member of Macey Gard Band and is proud to be laying down solid grooves to keep people coming out to the dance floor.